Vincenzo Manco

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

The turning point that completely changed Vincenzo ‘s outlook on life was when he had the opportunity to present new database modules for a pharmaceutical company in front of hundreds of people, not in his native language. A high level of stress and anxiety, during the preparation to deliver the presentation was building up. He knew that he had to find something that could ease the tension, on that occasion he found his inner strength through hypnosis.

He was amazed at how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helped him and he became intrigued by this form of therapy. Since then, he has been interested and captivated with the results that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can provide in helping people who want to take control of their lives.

After many decades being involved with Corporation Business Systems Training, Fitness Training, College Education and GP referral recovery Fitness, he decided to become a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist to enhance his caring range of knowledge.

He loves to practice this therapy (Solution Focused Hypnotherapist) because it is a safe, modern and well researched approach to helping people break the negative cycle of anxiety and depression and much more. He has seen his clients empowered by the forward-looking changes that they make in a relatively short time. He says that it is very rewarding to see their positive feelings and confidence growing, as they become the best version of themselves and start to live the life that they desire and deserve.

People who were treated by Vincenzo, following his strategies applying relaxation and visualisation techniques, made significant and positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy centres on what the clients want to achieve rather than the problem(s) that brought them about to endeavour changes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is a brief therapy that combines psychotherapy (talking therapy), with clinical hypnosis. It is a modern, brain-based therapy that is based on Neuroscience and its latest up to date findings. It uses solution building, rather than problem solving.

Session Prices

Initial consultation

60 minutes

£25.00 (Refundable after the follow-up session)

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy 1 session

60 minutes


SFH package of 4 sessions

60 minutes each


SFH package of 6 sessions

60 minutes each


Smoking/Vaping cessation

120 minutes


Treatment of Phobia  – 4 sessions

60 minutes each


Mind Conducted Relaxation session

45 minutes


To Book a Session

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