Due to Covid-19 the sauna is out of use until further notice.

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Using The Far Infrared Sauna

Why Use Our Far Infrared Sauna?

Our sauna is in the garden room away from the main building giving you the space and privacy to relax. Feel free to read, listen to your own music from your CD, IPod or radio, alternatively just enjoy the peace and quiet.

In the sauna you’ll find plenty of towels, one on the floor, one on the seat folded to give you more comfort and one to place on your shoulders should you choose to lean or sit sideways on the seat.

In addition to the reading light you have a choice of coloured lights which can either rotate through a specific set of colours including white, red, orange, yellow, green and blue or you can select a specific colour.

Red Light – has the ability to reach down into all the layers of the skin where it rejuvenates, stimulates collagen production, promotes cellular repair, increases circulation prompting a more vibrant and youthful complexion.

Yellow Light – reduces the appearance of redness, swelling and inflammation. This colour of light is beneficial for rosacea and treating burns such as sunburn.

Green Light – is absorbed into the skin where it has a calming effect. It helps to lighten hyper-pigmentation and spots revealing a brighter complexion. The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the surface of the skin.

Blue Light – has proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to kill the acne causing bacteria P.Acnes. It prevents and treats mild to moderate acne. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilise oil glands and soothe inflammation.

How Long Should I use The Far Infrared Sauna For?

If you are new to the Far Infrared sauna (FRIS) you want to begin gradually – 100-110% Fahrenheit or 37-43% centigrade for 10-15 minutes.

Then on your second session increase the temperature a few degrees and stay in a few more minutes. Continue this way until you are up to 30 minutes and 120% Fahrenheit or 48% centigrade. Then keep the temperature at 48% centigrade and increase the time.

Studies have shown that the most benefit is obtained at lower temperatures around 120% Fahrenheit or 48% centigrade for around 45 minutes.

What Happens at My Session?

  • When you come for your session, on arrival we will run through some safety instructions and check that you have no contraindications for using the sauna and ask you to sign a consultation form.
  • Next you will be shown to the garden room where we will run through how to set the temperature, the music centre, the different lights and how to use the panic button.
  • A set of towels will be put in the sauna for your use and water will be available to drink before and during your session.
  • When you are confident with what you have been shown you will be left to lock the door and enjoy your session.
  • If you feel you are getting too hot whilst in the sauna open the door, remember the Far Infrared is heating you and not the air in the cabin and will continue to do so even when the door is open.
  • Do not switch off the sauna as it is on a timer and will switch off automatically.
  • After your session sit in the garden room wrapped in a towel and let your body sweat more while you cool down.
  • It is recommended that you towel off after your sauna session and not take a shower immediately after as the pores in your skin will be open and could potentially absorb anything in your water, but if you do shower do not use soap just rinse off. A shower is available in the main building with access through reception.

How Can I Increase The Benefits?

At the first sign of a cold or flu increasing your sauna sessions may be beneficial in boosting your immune system whilst decreasing the reproduction rate of the virus.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your session; it is a good idea to add electrolytes to the water to replenish salts and minerals within the body.

It can be beneficial to have a fresh nutritionally blended smoothie before your session.

After a session you may find it good to eat a small handful of berries as the sauna can lower blood sugar temporarily.

You may wish to use our nutritional range Cellogie, Optimize which contains ingredients that support and aid detoxification, increase circulation using plant based whole food supplementation to promote better blood flow and metabolise and clear out toxins. Taking one circulation and one detox-biogranule during your session will help maintain your blood sugar levels.

What Is The Difference Between Far Infrared Saunas And Conventional Saunas?

A conventional sauna, wet or dry, super heats the air which heats the outside of your skin. This extreme heat 82-115*c is hard on the respiratory system, eyes and carries warnings for heart conditions.
The Far Infrared (FIR) sauna is used between 38-49*c. Warm waves penetrate 11/2 inches into the body, causing toxins, heavy metals and poisons to be released from our fat and water cells and out through our sweat. Approximately 20% of this sweat is made up of toxins compared to 2-3% in a conventional sauna.


If you have a health condition using prescription drugs or with an acute problem please consult your doctor and bring a signed note confirming that they are happy for you to begin an Infrared sauna therapy routine.

Persons with surgical implants (metal pins, rods, artificial joints, silicon or other) typically do not experience any adverse effects but should also consult their surgeon before beginning Infrared therapy.

Session Prices

All single person use

£15 per person per 30 minutes (15 minutes in the sauna)
£16.50 per person per 35 minutes (20 minutes in the sauna)
£18 per person per 40 minutes (25 minutes in sauna)
£20 per person per 45 minutes (30 minutes in the sauna)
£30 per person per 1.25 hours (1 hour in the sauna)

Blocks of 5 and 10 sessions are available at a discounted rate – please inquire within.

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