Shelley Cushway

Untitled 2Dip CBH, Dip I Hyp, NLP, GQHP, GHR Reg., CNHC Reg

Life / Personal Coaching


Shelley comes from a corporate background and a career spanning some 30 years in Human Resources and Recruitment. During this time she regularly navigated restructures, adapted to new working styles, the personalities of different managers and the stresses and strains that often accompany the working environment today. She managed and coached her own teams throughout and benefited from regular training in the field of coaching, consultancy and personal development.

In the latter part of her career she began to tire of corporate life and started exploring nutrition, a personal passion, and subsequently took a qualification allowing her to operate as a Nutritional Advisor.

During this period of study she began to realise that the mind plays a pivotal role in our relationship with food and people needed to know more than; the nuts and bolts of knowing what to eat, the psychology of why we eat certain things at certain times and why we gain pleasure from naughty treats. This psychology started to fascinate her.

She then embarked on a study programme in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP), Mindfulness and Meditation as well as formalising her coaching experience with study with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

She now combines these approaches to help people to lose weight and also with many other things from stress management and anxiety management to building confidence and self-esteem.  Some of her clients simply want to enjoy the small moments in life and learn to incorporate Mindfulness to support this aim. Others are keen to learn skills and techniques that will help them to overcome chronic stress and anxiety. She also works with sports people seeking to improve their overall performance.

Her main focus and passion is helping people to be who they want to be.

Session Prices

Hypnotherapy + NLP 1 hour £50.00
* Mindfulness (one to one) 1 hour £50.00
Life / Personal Coaching 1 hour £50.00

(* Please enquire re. group sessions for Mindfulness)

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Tel:  07527 852833

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