Jody Parkins

Sports Massage

Myofascial Release

Jody’s active lifestyle started with a friend’s suggestion to sign up for the Great South Run. From being unable to run a mile, he completed the 10 mile run in 1 hour and 23 minutes. He still considers this one of his greatest achievements. He also picked up his first running injury and was unable to run for over a month. An achievement he is less proud of!

His natural curiosity lead him to try lots of different training types, including gym based strength workouts, outdoor bootcamps and Crossfit. He also continued to get periodic injuries.

Whilst he learnt how to exercise in many different ways, he also wanted to know why. Why did people recommend different training types? Why was he often working around injuries? Why did some people seem more resilient than others?

He qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, which taught him enough to know that he still needed to learn more. Inspired by his own therapist, he went to the London School of Sports Massage where he gained a Level 5 qualification in Sports and Remedial Massage and more importantly, the beginnings of truly understanding human performance. He continues to be mentored by his own therapist, who has worked extensively with top tier football clubs across Europe and runs a highly successful private practise in London.

Since qualifying, Jody’s worked with active professionals from local Gardeners to Stunt Professionals working on global film releases. He’s also worked with athletes at all levels from amateur runners to the national Tae Kwon Do squad. He believes that anyone active can take advantage of Advanced Sports Massage for injury rehab, prehab and performance optimisation

He has evolved his treatments to include techniques from Osteopathy, Sports Therapy and Neural Organisation Techniques. He continues to study as many treatment methodologies as he can and that’s why he doesn’t just offer Sports and Remedial Massage but Advanced Sports Massage. A treatment that goes a step beyond the mainstream.

Session Prices 

Initial Assessment 60 minutes – £60 
Follow on Treatment 45 minutes – £45

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