Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a deeply relaxing and gentle non-invasive hands-on therapy. It uses a series of held stretches, pauses and gentle pressure from the therapist’s fingers that feels pleasant.

It provides a point of stillness around which the body can relax, giving an opportunity to let go of tensions. It focuses on joints which have little or no voluntary movement such as the vertebrae, joints of the feet and sacral.

In a Zero Balancing session the client remains fully clothed.

It is holistic in its approach, focusing on the whole body rather than just a point of injury. It aims to help the body regain its optimum balance physically and mentally. If you feel good Zero Balancing offers the opportunity to feel even better.

If our skeleton is not aligned our muscles have to work harder to support our weight, resulting in a build-up of muscular tension which in turn results in loss of flexibility and movement and is the primary cause of pain and repetitive injuries. Zero Balancing helps to realign the skeleton as the energy locked up in the muscle tension is freed up, allowing us to use it for other things and to have a sense of renewed energy.

Zero Balancing is available with Mandy H.

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