Advanced Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage


  • Advanced Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release

Advanced Sports Massage

Advanced Sports Massage goes a step beyond mainstream Sports and Remedial Massage. If you’ve had a Sports or Remedial Massage before you may recognise some of the treatments but there will also be some techniques that may be new to you.

Amongst the techniques used are: classic massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, postural release, soft tissue release, gentle joint manipulation (not thrusting techniques), neural stimulation and relaxation, and neural washing. These techniques are used for targeted, specific treatments that aim to get to the root of your injury or performance issues. You’ll also be coached on stretching, foam rolling and targeted remedial exercises for those times between treatments.

Your first appointment will be an initial assessment. This is a longer appointment and will involve talking about your treatment goals, your activity and injury history and going through postural and functional movement assessments. You will also be asked to complete a medical history and data protection form. If there is time during this appointment treatment will begin. At the end of the appointment, you’ll be advised of any follow up appointments that are required.

Follow up appointments will start with an interim assessment to measure progress and new developments. The techniques outlined above will be used to treat imbalances and blocks to performance or recovery. Finally, remedial stretches, foam rolling or exercise will be prescribed.

The ultimate goal of Advanced Sports Massage is for you to need as little of it as possible. The goal is to get you out of the treatment room and back to being physically active as quickly as possible. As part of the process, you should also gain the knowledge and tools you need for better self-maintenance and an awareness of your body that will help you get the most out of your training without further injury.

Advanced Sports Massage is available with Jody.

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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for people who feel very tense and prefer firm pressure.

After the muscles have been warmed up the therapist will work on the tense and knotted muscles with increased pressure, sometimes using their forearm, knuckles and elbow but always checking first with the client to make sure that there is no unwanted discomfort.

This approach suits active people as well as people who experience tension due to stress and work related inactivity.

Deep Tissue Massage is available with Zoe H.

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Myofascial Release

This technique deals with our delicate connective tissue (fascia) which is present in every part of our body.

In its healthy state it is well hydrated and flexible and therefore allows unrestricted movement of the muscles and joints. However, if your body stays in one position for too long, the fascia becomes set in its way, therefore stiffness starts to occur.

Also, fascia can become rigid through physical trauma like injuries and also emotional stress.

This can lead to bad posture resulting in discomfort and pain.

Myofascial Release is a gentle yet deep treatment. Clients have reported a sense of relaxation, a feeling of lightness and increased mobility.

For best results this technique is used in combination with deep tissue massage.

Myofascial Release is available with Jody.

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