Dorn Method (Deep Tissue)

Dorn Method is a non-manipulative joint and bone alignment treatment that is used to re-align the bones of the body. It is used to treat clients with severe and chronic skeletal misalignments such as scoliosis, sciatica, back & neck pain and pelvic imbalances.

Treatments also include the use of Breuss Massage, a gentle spinal massage that is used to relax the spine and help vertebral alignment.

Because of its gentle nature Dorn Method is used to help many people including clients with osteoporosis, arthritis and also those who have suffered strokes, have MS or a number of other life changing conditions.

Deep Tissue Massage is used to treat clients with back, shoulder and neck pain caused by muscle tension, stress and injuries.

Dorn Method (Deep Tissue) is available with Mark S.

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