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Amanda Graham (the creator & owner of Worthing Natural Balance and Wellbeing Natural Health Centre) has had many health related ups and downs in her life and is currently living with ME and a chronic condition called Sarcoidosis. She has clocked up 39 operations and is running out of spare parts! Amanda has had cancer of the bladder and now has a tumour on the adrenal.

Through ME, Amanda was bedridden for two years living in the dark and only able to read for 15 minutes a day. Through this she experienced problems that many of us go through; issues of isolation, frustration, depression, loss of friends, loss of self-belief and constant pain.

Prior to ME Amanda was very active with sport and horse riding and had several accidents so soon learnt the benefits of massage and osteopathic treatments!

Whilst recovering from ME Amanda started exploring holistic therapies to discover what might be available to help her.

When she was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer life dramatically changed – it proved to be the kick up the backside that was needed.  It made her re-evaluate her life and in doing so realised that she had been dealt a set of cards which were to be accepted and having only one life it was time to get on and live it!

Shortly after bladder cancer, Amanda was driving to Crawley for an interview one day and noticed a for sale sign outside 70 Salvington Road. Curiosity grew as she had been to the dentist there in 2004.

When Amanda went to view the building it was love at first sight. There was plenty of light streaming in and a secret garden which could not be accessed as the key could not be found, making it all that more exciting!  Immediately Amanda saw its potential, it had a lovely open energy, felt safe and happy – there was the possibility to create good sized treatment rooms, a nice large garden, build a glass veranda and put in bi-fold doors. She could visualise Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates on the lawn and veranda, day courses in the studio with lunch on the patio, counselling and all sorts of therapies in the treatment rooms. The natural health centre could be different to others.

At this point Amanda became clear on the vision which is to reach out to all types of people including, carers, cancer patients, people with M.E. & lung problems, sports people and anyone who may benefit from a natural healing approach, with the aim to give the area something that does not already exist and make a difference by improving the quality of people’s lives.

Without hesitation Amanda knew she needed to give it a go and bought the centre and created Worthing Natural Balance and Wellbeing Natural Health Centre. Over the following year she stripped it down and rebuilt it. And now the process of bringing her vision alive is unfolding.










Why Worthing Natural Balance and Wellbeing


Without stating the obvious this is where the natural health centre is and where Amanda (the creator and owner) is based. Worthing has great transport links and easy access to the Downs that provide wonderful views across the countryside and also for those that prefer the Seaside you are never far away. It is a very exciting time in Worthing as it is growing and developing everyday with more people moving from the bustle of Brighton along the coast a little and bringing with them a wealth of alternative ideas and views.


Amanda has always been drawn to nature as you’ll see when you visit the centre which has a stunning garden where you may find on any day amongst the plants and trees various wildlife including frogs, squirrels, hedgehogs and various birds. The idea is to eventually make it into a sensory garden.

All the treatments that take place at the centre are natural ways to treat the body therefore truly embracing a holistic approach.


This can be viewed in many ways; balancing the whole of someone’s being, their body, mind and soul or within each of those parts as they are returned to their natural equilibrium. It can be said that when we are in balance we are in harmony.

You’ll also find a balance of a homely and professional feel which stems from how the natural health centre has been lovingly designed. Through this design and the numerous holistic therapies on offer there is a balance available for both male and female clients, keeping the yin and the yang nicely even.


Really at the backbone of the natural health centre is the wish that those visiting are able to benefit from the warm, calm and relaxing atmosphere that is coupled with the natural and holistic therapies. The hope is that when leaving the natural health centre a client will feel uplifted and positive with an increase in their wellbeing so that they are able to deal with and enjoy life more and more each day.

Amanda was inspired with the name which was later checked using a system called Soul Plan. What was revealed is ‘the foundations’ of the business was a very open unconditional mothering love, ‘the abilities’ are of bringing people together and ‘the success’ is of uniting one’s being together fully – so body, mind and soul.

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